Painting On Wednesday

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Floral Watercolor Painting: Hope

      I love to paint but usually can't find the time. Well, today I rolled up my sleeves and practiced using watercolors, which I'm kinda new at. These were my results.

I like to paint flowers and plants, not only because they're pretty, but because they don't have to look any certain way; they always turn out fairly well. I usually paint wreaths of flora around my favorite quotes, but unfortunately, I don't have a calligraphy brush, so please excuse my messy words.

Floral Watercolor Painting Quote
One of my favorite quotes by L.M. Montgomery.

Watercolor Plant

I occasionally try something more difficult than flowers. One of my go-to things to paint is Studio Ghibli characters. I love experimenting with the whimsical color schemes. Totoro is a favorite of mine.

Watercolor Totoro Painting

What's your favorite hobby to spend an afternoon on?

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