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A Little Princess Book

     It's book club day, and this time, I'm reviewing a classic. I finished reading this book for the first time a month ago, and I was completely enthralled. I honestly wish I had the pleasure of reading it as a child.

Frances Hodgson Burnett published A Little Princess in 1905, four years after The Secret Garden. Once again, I've purchased a hardcover copy illustrated by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. This book cover is probably one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The bold red and floral motif that Anna Bond is famous for look gorgeous on a bookshelf.

But enough about the cover! On to the story.

Young Sara Crew has always lived in India with her wealthy widower father; however, the time has come for her to attend school, and her father selects Miss Minchin's boarding school in England. At first, Sara is Miss Minchin's star pupil and given every luxury, but when news comes that Sara's father has died after losing all his money in some poor investments, Sara is subsequently left penniless. To avoid the scandal of throwing an orphan out into the street, Miss Minchin moves Sara up to the attic, where she becomes a mistreated servant, abused by peers and Miss Minchin alike. Although Sara is suddenly thrown into a world of misfortune and loneliness, her circumstances don't stop her from acting with kindness and grace.

I'll admit, the first chapter started slow, and I procrastinated reading this book for the longest time. I am so glad I stuck it out, though; a few chapters in, I couldn't put it down. This story has a way of sweeping you up and entangling you in the events; before you know it, you're loyal to the characters, and invested in their troubles.

I loved this story. I loved Sara Crewe, who, with her peculiar speeches, was such a sincere person that you couldn't help but feel for her plight (Not going to lie, I teared up at several passages). Her courage and sweetness made friends for her wherever she went, despite her troubles. The themes of kindness, generosity and compassion are so well done in this book, it made me personally want to strive to be a little more like a "princess". You may have already read this book in your childhood, but I wholly recommend you read it again. There are so many elements I'm sure can be more fully appreciated as an adult.

I give this book 5 stars. Great for those who like Jane Eyre and Anne Of Green Gables, or those who are fans of tearjerkers in general.

A Little Princess Book 2

A Little Princess Book 3

Have you read this book? What do you think of it?

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