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Wildwood Book Cover

     I'm so excited to share this week's Book Club, so I can tell you all about my new favorite. I've just finished reading Wildwood by Colin Meloy, and I cannot put into words how much I love this book. For those of you who don't know, Colin Meloy is the incredibly talented singer and songwriter of The Decemberists, and author of the Wildwood trilogy.

I was drawn to this book by the beautiful illustrations and old-fashioned deckle edged pages. Carson Ellis is the Illustrator, and her folksy, whimsical pictures are the perfect match to Colin Meloy's vivid and imaginative story. The book is quite thick and heavy, over five hundred pages, and I was a little weary of the daunting task ahead. Once I started reading though, I completely lost myself in Wildwood's rich fantasy world, and time flew by.

The story follows Prue Mckeel, a resourceful eleven year old girl who lives in Portland with her mother, father, and baby brother Mac. The adventure begins when Mac is carried away by a murder of crows and flown to the impassable wilderness, a dense forest no one ever dares enter. Prue and her friend Curtis boldly enter the woods on a rescue mission. Unfortunately, they are immediately separated. Each becomes the hero of their own separate adventures, their tales weaving together seamlessly with those of the other woodland inhabitants.

This book is amazing. The world Colin Meloy has dreamt up is complex, beautiful and captivating. Wildwood has a vast cast of characters, from talking foxes and birds, to bandit kings. I adore every last one of them. Prue and Curtis are particularly endearing. Colin Meloy has a lovely, distinct style of writing; the story seems both bold and delicate somehow. I found myself looking up words every few so often, and I loved that, because I love to learn. Overall, it's an incredible book, and perhaps the best book I've ever read. If you lose yourself in but one book this year, let it be Wildwood.

Wildwood Book Illustration Art

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